Manufacturing Legacies Continued

We help business owners pass on their legacies to someone who isn't part of a Private Equity fund or Competitor.

Our  Mission:

Our team has been a part of USA manufacturing businesses for most of our careers. We've been involved with businesses of all sizes from small to large towns. By providing a succession plan for American small businesses, we will continue the legacy of manufacturing in this country.

Why Manufacturing?


Our team is comprised of an active investment banker, M&A attorney, former Deloitte Partner, technical consultants, and an engineer with years of experience in manufacturing operations and transactions.



USA manufactured products are known for quality and reliability. Customers depend on quality parts and short delivery times. We continue the owner's legacy by running businesses with minimal changes.



We know what it takes to bring an operationally sound manufacturing business to the next level. With an infusion of capital, new energy, and entrepreneurial experience, we can unlock untapped growth opportunities.



Through our network of high net-worth individuals, strategic investors and banks, we are able to quickly fund deals of up to $20m in value. As needed, we can provide letters of capital commitment.



Through strategic bolt-on acquisitions, we realize efficiencies to reduce costs, capture extra margin and provide a better quality product.



Jules Brenner

Jules founded MSP with the goal of leveraging years of experience in sales, manufacturing, and engineering in order to acquire and grow established manufacturing operations. He blends a passion for creative engineering solutions with a love for well branded and marketed products.


Business Attributes

We are searching for privately held manufacturing or product companies with developed operational processes that need sales, organizational, and marketing improvement to grow. Businesses should have EBITDA of $800k-$3m with stable cash flows. We are agnostic to all types of manufacturing and we are open to opportunities all over the USA. We are passionate about businesses that: